That’s my answer to anyone who asks, “Should I start a company?”. I say it kinda joking, but I also kinda mean it. People don’t understand how difficult starting a business is. No matter how tough I tell you it will be, and no matter how grueling that Gary Vee Instagram video tells you launching a company is, nothing will actually prepare you for it. With that said, though, nothing can compare to how dope the feeling of seeing a stranger use your product in the wild is. It makes it all worthwhile, and it’s surreal. …

Twitter, Uber, Snapchat, Airbnb, Stripe, Dropbox, Instagram, Slack, and WhatsApp are billion-dollar companies that dominate their industry. They generate billions of dollars, have billions of users, are every Founder’s dream, and most surprisingly, they were all founded during the years surrounding the 2008 recession. As crazy as it sounds, recessions are incredible times to build startups. Yes, they breed chaos, and hardship, but they also breed innovation and are the perfect time to start a company.

As we find ourselves in unparalleled times, I get dozens of founders reaching out and seeking help with their startups on a weekly basis…

Matthew Vega-Sanz

Changing Mobility Forever

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